Amilan Trophy

Amilan Trophy

Awarded to the winning team in a Club TGFA sanctioned contest on a boat under 6 metres LOA.

First Awarded

Donated by John Hitet.

The Amilan Trophy for the winning team in a contest on a boat under 6 metres LOA. Established in 1969 after the Committee set up a second division for boats under 33 feet LOA without a professional skipper on board. Most boats in the early days were charter boats. Several members bought their own smaller boats to go out on their own. Amilan line was the most popular line line used during the 1960s and 1970s and is still available today. The trophy was donated by Mr. John Hitet, a Victorian who fished with Eddie Wigston for 10 years, and was the importer of Amilan into Australia.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Either in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

All teams affiliated with GFAA. Any GFAA eligible fish species including sharks caught on GFAA approved light tackle.

Trophy Winners

2023 Craig Shipton Play Time
2022 Craig Shipton Play Time
2021 Craig Shipton Play Time
2020 - No Award - (Covid)  
2019 Patrick Johnson Silver Slayer
2018 Todd Lamprey Mayphine
2017 Torin Philpott The Engagement
2016 Gerald Russell Kermit
2015 Craig Shipton Play Time
2014 Mark Watson Team Lowrance
2013 - No Award -  
2012 - No Award -  
2011 - No Award -  
2010 Dave Jarvis Grey Ghost
2009 - No Award -  
2008 Andy Amos Half Shot 11
2007 Mark Watson Reel me in
2006 - No Award - (Contest called off )  
2005 John Peterson Jawz
2004 Mark Watson Reel me in
2003 Brian Croswell Kermit
2002 John Peterson Ab Truk
2001 Derek Collins Hard On
2000 Steve Gilbert Hard On
1999 Randell Harper Get Reel
1998 Randell Harper Get Reel
1997 Michael Belstead Horse
1996 Michael Belstead Horse
1995 John Winzell Yellow Fin 2
1994 John van der Wall Quick Silver
1993 Phil Morrisby 3 M Diskettes
1992 John Winzil Yellow Fin 11
1991 Colin van den Hoff Banshee
1990 Geoff Clark Valbao
1989 Greg Dawes Wungo
1988 Baden Oates Valbao
1987 Colin Minehan Larikin
1986 Wayne Spaulding Mako
1985 David Hallam Natasha
1984 David Hallam Natasha
1983 Kevin Belcher Pax
1982 David Hallam Natasha
1981 Ken Slater Kencyn
1980 Eddie Wigston Lady Sue
1979 David Hallam Natasha
1978 H Kelly Myra
1977 Des Oates D Maro
1976 H W Oates Wentope
1975 Eddie Wigston Lady Sue
1974 Geoff Symthe Marlin
1973 Maurice Williams Clipper 11
1972 Ian Cameron Yellow Fin
1971 - No Award -  
1970 Eddie Wigston Lady Sue
1969 - No Award -