Phillips & Wigston Trophy

Wigston & Phillips Trophy

Awarded for the heaviest Broadbill Swordfish captured in Tasmanian waters by a Club member.

First Awarded

Donated by Mr Eddie Wigston & Mr Lloyd Philips in 1969.
Cast made by Tom Jenkins.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Capture in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

All Angler Classifications, Club Member.

Trophy Winners

2023 Antony Suttil 297.8kg
2020-2022 - No Award -
2019 Marc Lagerewskij 319.7kg
2018 Anthoy Suttil 207.7kg
2017 Justin Rigby 153.2kg
2016 Leo Miller 201.4kg
2015 Kyle Longmore 263.5kg
2014 Leo Miller 106.8kg