BP Trophy

BP Trophy

Awarded to the winning team in a Club TGFA sanctioned contest on a boat over 6 metres LOA.

First Awarded

Donated by BP.

Distributors of fuels and oils, and supporters of Bob Dyer's Pick-a-Box, BP donated a trophy for the winning team of the contest.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Either in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

All teams affiliated with GFAA. Any GFAA eligible fish species including sharks caught on GFAA approved light tackle.

Trophy Winners

2023 Danny Smith Beer Barrell
2022 Stuart Nichols Big Pig
2021 Jon Noble Black Pearl
2020 No Award (Covid 19)
2019 Mark Hoey Game Over
2018 Locki Nichols Sea Wolf 2
2017 Locki Nichols Sea Wolf 2
2016 Stuart Nichols Big Pig
2015 Stuart Nichols Big Pig
2014 Wade Wheeler Reel Hooker
2013 Not Awarded
2012 John Edwards The Other Woman
2011 Craig Hodge Xstream Limits
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Lawrence Williams Malissa
2008 Mark de Jong Toucan
2007 Aaron Cashion Satisfaction
2006 Contest called off
2005 Jon Noble Black Pearl
2004 Steve Taranto Big Pig
2003 Jon Noble Black Pearl
2002 Steve Taranto Big Pig
2001 Ryan Baillie , Gill n Gut
2000 Malcolm Fitzpatrick Nunkeri
1999 Rod Cook Cookie One
1998 John Holbrook Jay R
1997 Steve Lichtendonk Royal One
1996 Gerald Spaulding Norseman 111
1995 Craig Johnston Frustration
1994 Gerald Spaulding Norseman 111
1993 Dr John Brennan Sea Fox
1992 Dr John Brennan Sea Fox
1991 Ralph Bottomly Glass Cutter
1990 Ralph Bottomly Glass Cutter
1989 Lee Harris Midwatch
1988 David Hallam Natasha
1987 David Hallam Natasha
1986 John Brooker Hangover
1985 Lee Harris Midwatch
1984 John Brooker Hangover
1983 Ian Cameron Scottsman
1982 Lee Hariss Midwatch
1981 Toby Lyell Ben Hur
1980 Ted White Mac David
1979 Ted White Mac David
1978 Ted White Mac David
1977 Ted White Mac David
1976 Alf Gough Honey Hush
1975 Ian Cameron Jan Patrice
1974 Mark Cook Tia Maria
1973 Ian Cameron Rock Way
1972 W Coombs Silver Spray
1971 Toby Lyall Ben Hur
1970 Toby Lyall Ben Hur