Robin Shane Banks Trophy

Robin & Shane Banks Trophy

Awarded to the angler who Tagged & Released the most GFAA eligible shark species (excluding School & Gummy species) in Tasmanian waters each season.

First Awarded

Donated by Archie Cashion.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Tag-and-Release in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules using approved tags.

All Angler Classifications, Club Member.

Trophy Winners

2023 Asher Atkin, Eythan Purton, Josh Oates Each Tagged 1 Shark 
  Lochie Miller & Mitch Quarell  
2022 Danni Males, Ruby Goddard & Daniel Thorpe Each Tagged 1 Shark
2021 Matthew Taylor Tagged 4 Sharks
2020 Shane Cross Tagged 5 Sharks
2019 Michael Conway Tagged 2 Sharks (tie)
2019 Dylan Loh Tagged 2 Sharks (tie)
2018 Matthew Taylor Tagged 4 Sharks
2017 Aaron Menzie Tagged 2 Sharks
2016 Riley Dunn Tagged 5 Sharks
2015 Shane Kube Tagg4 4 Sharks