The Tuna Club of Tasmania promotes deep water game fishing fun for individuals and families, for experienced anglers to novices alike, and promotes the conservation of fish habitats through the ethical fishing behaviour of its members..

Click the Bluefin to download an Application For Membership Form (PDF for printing).

Click the Bluefin to download an Application For Membership Form (MS Word format).



Why should I join?

At the Club

  • You get to be part of the oldest and very successful game fishing club in Tasmania with more than 50 years of history, tradition and game fishing experience.
  • You will be part of the only game fishing club in Tasmania to have a waterfront clubroom providing a warm friendly place to have food, refreshments and social life after a day on the water.
  • You will have access to a waterfront boat shed with dinghy storage facilities at Pirates Bay.
  • You will enjoy a friendly club atmosphere currently supporting well over 200 adult male and female, junior, small fry and social memberships.
  • You will enjoy a family friendly atmosphere.
  • You will have opportunities to network and form friendships with like-minded people from within the club and around the state.
  • You will have access to a supported introduction provided to anglers new to game and competition fishing.
  • You will have support for your vessel, regardless of make and size.
  • You will have 7-day access to a weigh station facility capable of lifting and weighing the very biggest of game fish and access to a Weigh Master who is available 7 day a week.
  • You will have access to a VHF base radio station facility capable of conducting radio skeds and monitoring vessels safety in the Lower East Coast and Tasman Peninsula region during all of our fishing competition days.


  • You will be affiliated with:
    • TGFA - Tasmanian Game Fishing Association, the peak body for game fishing in Tasmania.
    • GFAA - Game Fishing Association of Australia, the peak body representing game fishing in Australia.
    • IGFA - International Game Fishing Association, the world peak body.
    • TARFish - Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishers, the peak body representing Tasmanian recreational fishers.
    • ARFF - Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, the national peak body representing recreational fishers.
  • The Club has a strong voice and sound representation on recreational and game fishing matters with Tasmanian and Australian governments' marine and fish management organisations through these affiliations.
  • You will have an opportunity to contribute to fisheries science through easy access to the NSWDPI Pelagic and Shark Tagging Programs while also enjoying the privileges of competing for club, state and national prize awards in all angler classifications.


  • You will be eligible to set and break Club, Tasmanian, Australian and world records with Club support in the claim application process.
  • You will have the opportunity to fish an extensive fishing calendar of 14 Cub events from November to June each season, all affording fishing safety at sea by support in numbers and which include 3 major competitions and 11 free Rally days.
  • In addition you will be eligible to access at least 9 Tasmanian Game Fishing Association sanctioned events hosted by TGFA affiliated clubs and run at various locations around Tasmania. All this will allow you to compete for:
    • 15 annual GFAA trophy awards and an extensive GFAA Junior Tournament Competition with both monthly and annual awards;
    • 5 prestigious TGFA annual awards;
    • 19 prestigious Club annual perpetual trophies; and
    • 10 prizes at each club Rally (free of charge).

Who can be a member?

The short answer is "anyone":

  • Adult memberships for females and males 16 years and over;
  • Junior membership for girls and boys 11-15 years of age;
  • Small-fry memberships for boys and girls 11 years and younger;
  • Family memberships 2 adults & 3 children; and
  • Social memberships for non-anglers.

What Is The Yearly Membership Cost?

Membership includes Rally entries for the season.

  • Adult memberships: $80 (3 years $230);
  • Junior membership: $30;
  • Family membership: $130 (3 years $380); and
  • Social memberships: $30.

(Note that Juniors/Small-frys are free with a parent/guardian who is a member.)

How to Join

Click the Bluefin to download an Application For Membership Form (PDF for printing).

Click the Bluefin to download an Application For Membership Form (MS Word format).

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