Fred Weil Memorial Trophy

Fred Weil Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the heaviest Marlin captured in any waters by a Club member.

First Awarded
April 1967

Designed & donated by the late Mr Fred Weil (died Black Tuesday 7-Feb-1967).

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Capture in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

All Angler Classifications, Club Member.

Trophy Winners

2003-2023 - No Award -
2002 Frank Frankcombe 90kg Striped Marlin 37kg line
2001 Andy Amos 79.5kg Striped Marlin 24kg line
2000 - No Award -
1999 Mark Schuetpelz 64kg Striped Marlin 24kg line
1998 Chris Shaw 115kg Striped Marlin 24kg line
1997 Danni Suttil 93.5kg Striped Marlin 37kg line
1994-1996 - No Award -
1993 Colin Minehan 115kg Striped Marlin 37kg line
1990-1992 - No Award -
1989 Kevin Belcher 123kg Marlin 24kg line
1984-1988 - No Award -
1983 Kim Payne 74.9kg Black Marlin Sydney
1982 H Oates 128kg Striped Marlin Eaglehawk Neck
1980-1981 - No Award -
1979 T Groves 123.5kg Striped Marlin Eaglehawk Neck
1977-1978 - No Award -
1976 Pat Ogg 1,011lb Black Marlin Cairns
1975 Ray Vincent 805lb Black Marlin Cairns
1974 - No Award -
1973 Mark Cook 754lb Black Marlin Cairns
1972 Ray Vincent 752lb Black Marlin Cairns
1971 Ray Vincent 1,039lb Black Marlin Cairns
1970 Eddie Wigston 119lb Black Marlin Sydney
1969 John Raven 590lb Black Marlin Cairns
1968 Lloyd Phillips 584lb Black Marlin Cairns
1967 Lloyd Phillips 725lb Black Marlin Cairns
1966 John Jacob 270lb Black Marlin Cairns