Tom Jenkins Memorial Bluefin Tuna Contest

This is the premier tuna fishing competition of the year with 70 or more boats typically competing.

This is a TGFA sanctioned event.

Tom Jenkins


When is this event held?

This competition is held in on a weekend in late April every odd-numbered year.


How are prizes awarded?

Prizes are awarded in heaviest and point score categories as well as tag and release.


What times are important?

There will be a briefing on the Friday evening before the competition, typically from 1900. A representative from each crew must attend.

There will be a sail-past at 0700 on the Saturday morning with all boats remaining in Pirates Bay. On a give signal boats can make their way onto the grid to start fishing which will end at 1600 after which weighing will continue until 1800. On the Sunday boats can be anywhere on the grid but cannot start fishing until 0700. Fishing will end at 1500 and weighing will continue until 1700.
The Presentation Dinner will the commence from 1800.