Sandra Harper Trophy

Sandra Harper Trophy

Awarded for the heaviest Game Fish captured in Tasmanian waters by a Lady Club member each season.


First Awarded

Established in the 1980s to replace the C. W. Reardon Trophy.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Capture in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

Adult Female Angler, Club Member, 16 years and above.

Trophy Winners

2023 Elly Curtain 79.30kg Southern Bluefin Tuna
2022 Molly Curtain 194.30kg Mako Shark
2021 Danni Males 159.30kg Mako Shark
2020 Danni Males 82.6kg Mako Shark
2019 Emile Donovan 109kg Mako Shark
2018 Chloe Hammersley 112kg SBT
2017 Chloe Hammersley 110.10kg Mako Shark
2016 Carleen Hitchen 17.80kg SBT
2015 Tracy Purcell 81kg Mako Shark
2014 Carleen Hitchen 13.5kg SBT
2013 Melissa Nelson 108.5kg SBT
2012 Samantha Heddle 18.10kg SBT
2011 Emily Salter 18.3kg SBT
2010 - No Award -  
2009 Carleen Hitchens 24.4kg SBT
2008 Alison Hill 18.8kg SBT
2007 Katie Russell 15.00kg SBT
2006 Narelle Midgley 8.00kg Albacore
2005 Pam Noble 8.85kg Albacore
2004 Kate Russell 14.2kg Albacore
2003 Sandra Harper 10.4kg Albacore
2002 Sandra Harper 27.6kg SBT
2001 Sheryl Baillie 30.5 SBT
2000 Donna Harper 68kg Mako Shark
1999 Sandra Harper 77kg Mako Shark
1998 Donna Harper 53.50 Mako Shark
1997 Donna Harper 27.4kg SBT
1996 Sandra Harper 58kg Mako Shark
1995 Sandra Harper 27kg Mako Shark
1994 Sandra Harper 19.4kg Albacore
1993 Sandra Harper 40.50kg Blue Shark
1992 Sandra Harper 16.6kg SBT
1991 Sandra Harper 25.2kg SBT
1990 Denise Willey 20.5kg SBT
1989 Pauline Rose 24.75kg SBT
1988 Rebecca Hallam 24.5kg SBT
1987 Rebecca Hallam 65kg Mako Shark
1986 Julie Harris 14.5kg SBT
1985 Pauline Rose 28kg Blue Shark
1984 Kim Payne 38.5kg Blue Shark
1983 Pauline Rose 2.75kg Albacore
1983 K A Cole 26.75kg SBT