Tasmanian Government Trophy

Tasmanian Government Trophy

Awarded to the winning team outright in an Australian Bluefin Tuna Contest.

First Awarded

Donated by Tasmanian Government.

Established to record the boat and anglers' names who won the biennial Australian Bluefin Tuna Contest. Also records the winning team's point score.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Either in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

All teams affiliated with GFAA.

Trophy Winners

2022   S Nichols, S Lichtendonk, S Nichols (jnr) Big Pig 2335 points
2020   - No Contest - ( Covid 19 )  
2018   L Nichols, T Raspin, S Nichols (jnr), T Nichols (jnr), H Kent (jnr) Sea Wolf 2 152750 points
2016   G Russell, B Crosswell, K Russell, W Parker Kermit 114730 points
2014   W Wheeler, N Close, B Soul, L Brown Reel Hooker 1035 points
2012   J Edwards, L Saunders, P Bailey, N Ridler The Other Woman 300 points
2010   D Jarvis, D Jarvis (jnr) Grey Ghost to be confirmed
2008   A Amos, W Pelham Half Shot 11 88908 points
2006   - Contest Cancelled -  
2004   S Taranto, P Irvine, P Stoker Big Pig  
2002   S Taranto, P Stoker, D McMasters, M Irvine Big Pig 3610 points
2000   M Fitzpatrick, R Wallace, M Mansfield, T James Nunkeri 85025 points
1998   R Harper, D Harper, M Wellington Get Reel  
1996   M, Belstead , A Belstead , A Cannell Horse 7925 points
1994 Tas G Spaulding, >R De Felice, >P Williams, >R De Santo, A Whitebread, R Richardson Norseman 111 1544 points
1992 Tas Dr J Brennan, J Brennan, T Brennan, R Batge Sea Fox 7563 points
1990 Tas R Bottomley, D Hallam, A Hallam, R Hallam Glass Cutter 7563 points
1988 Tas D Hallam, A Hallam, R Hallam Natasha 3442 points
1986 Tas R Self, S Arges Hangover 9838 points
1984 Tas D Hallam, A Hallam (jnr) Natasha 7965 points
1982 Tas L Harris, G Artley, W Artley (jnr), K Belcher Mid Watch 2975 points
1980 Tas E Wigston, I Wigston, O Wigston, J Heizer, G Sherrin Lady Sue 5945 points
1978 Tas E White, B Berwick, K Cole, S Haward, Mac David 248 points
1976 Tas W Ritchie,R Vincent, M Gough, K Lamberton, A Gough Honey Hush 1798 points
1974 Tas S Haward, M Cook, G Smith, R Fahey Tia Maria 1275 points
1972 S/A J Collett, C Whitrow, B Coombe Silver Spray 175 points
1970 Tas A Lyall, T Jenkins, C Burrows, J Woods, Ben Huir 1398 points
1968 S/A G Martin, E Palmer, J Polson 2928 points
1966 Tas W Ritchie, E Canning, J Jacob Sea Dawn 1654 points