Ross Heddle Trophy

Ross Heddle Trophy

Awarded to the highest Tag & Release Point Score for a Small Fry Angler for game fish including sharks tagged and released during all Club and TGFA Sanctioned Competitions.

Ross Heddle Trophy 2

First Awarded

This shield is one of our clubs more recent addition to the perpetual trophy list and was established in 2013 when donated by Mr Mark Watson to commemorate Mr Ross Heddle’s elevation to Life Membership status.

Ross Heddle has been a member of the TCT for more than 25 years, is a former committeeman and is one of the members who worked so hard to establish the current TCT Club room at Pirates Bay. Ross in his own right is credited with some magnificent Game Fish captures, including large blue and yellow fin some of which were caught on very light tackle. Ross was the owner of Rod and Range Sport in Glenorchy who are long-time supporters and major sponsors of the TCT. Ross’s sponsorship has always seen Junior and Small Fry angler categories benefit. To this day, Ross is often seen mentoring and guiding young members particularly in the use of light tackle.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Tag-and-Release in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules using approved tags.

Small Fry Angler (11 years & under), Club Member.

Trophy Winners

2023 Spencer Cashion 5,000 points
2022 No Award
2021 Tayte Smith 15,000 points
2020 Tayte Smith 5,000 points
2019 Konnah Smith 200 points
2018 Mollie Hammersley 2,000 points
2017 Mollie Hammersley 5,000 points
2016 Toby Nichols 25,000 Points
2015 Emma Bennett 600 Points
2014 Sam Nichols 35,200 Points