Tuna Club Plaque

Tuna Club Plaque

Awarded to the skipper of the boat from which the most meritorious capture award (John Stanton Trophy) was made.

First Awarded

This plaque is not a perpetual award retained at the club, but a special plaque given to the skipper of the boat described above each year. The image here is one such example.

Capture or Tag-and-Release
Capture in accordance with GFAA & TGFA rules.

Vessel Skipper.

Trophy Winners

2023 Danni Suttil “Chief"
2022 Archie Cashion “Mid Watch"
2021 Ryan Baillie “The Kraken"
2020 Ryan Baillie “The Kraken"
2019 Marc Lagerewskij “Magik 1"
2018 Justin Rigby “Big Rig"
2017 Leo Miller “Choona Chasa"
2016 Nick Bailey “Mako-Ver"
2015 Leo Miller “Choona Chasa"
2014 Leo Miller “Choona Chasa"
2013 Matthew Pace “Always Greener"
2012 Archie Cashion “Big Kahuna"
2011 Archie Cashion “Big Kahuna"
2010 Nick Daft “Dawn Treader"
2009 Stephen Harrison “Off Shore Weapon"
2008 Greg Plunkett “Lone Wolf"
2007 Steve Gilbert “Moonshine"
2006 Ryan Baillie “Gill n Gut"
2005 Tony Oates “Rowmarkurble"
2004 Scott Bowerman “Reel Deal"
2003 Jon Noble “Black Pearl"
2002 Simon Nuss “Rowmarkurble"
2001 Mick Boxall “Wild Card"
2000 Randall Harper “Get Reel"
1999 Robin Banks “Crazy Bear"
1998 Robin Banks “Crazy Bear"
1997 Tony James “Nunkeri"
1996 Scott Johnston “Reel Game"